Too Cute: Tim Cahill’s son falls off his chair (Everton-Boro)

Like a baby in a Pampers commercial or the Andrex puppy, football fans were treated to a very cute moment during halftime of the Everton-Middlesbrough FA Cup match to Sunday as Tim Cahill’s son was caught on camera falling off his chair.

Wearing an Everton shirt with the number 17 and “Daddy” written on the back, an eagle-eyed cameraman caught the seriously sweet youngster trying to retrieve something off the floor of the empty chair in front. But rather than walk around, the mini-Cahill tried to lean over the chair and dangle himself into a position where he could grab his target, only for everything to go comically wrong with the poor kid caught toppling over the chair and falling on his head.

The cuteness did not stop there though. Immediately a slightly older Cahill boy strolled into the picture giggling at his younger brother’s misfortune.

The third eye can be seen here.