Too Cute! Sporting Lisbon defender Mauricio gives a sobbing young fan his shirt, kid kisses the badge

A very cute clip was spotted at the end of Sporting Lisbon’s 2-0 away win at Olhanense on Sunday night.

After picking up the three point to lift them into second in the division, a couple of Sporting players were stopped up a young fan as they tried to head off the pitch.

The kid, looking around 10 years old, caught with with Sporting’s Vítor and Mauricio as they walked back to the dressing rooms, and he got their attention by sobbing as he met his heroes.

Tugging on the heart-strings of the footballers, Lisbon defender Mauricio was sucked in by the boy’s tears, so to make him feel better he gave the boy his sweat-soaked shirt as a souvenir.

After getting his prize, the boy, with the camera crew following him, walked towards the centre circle where he dramatically put on Mauricio’s shirt and kissed the Lisbon badge in a heart-warming scene.

Watch the incident below.