Too cheesy for words: Ronaldo dresses a kid in a Real Madrid CR9 shirt

Sick bags at the ready!

(P.S. Why does Ronaldo insist on the stupid thumb-up motion? Does he think he’s the Fonz?)


Longer footage of Ronaldo’s presentation at the Bernabeu can be seen here and here (in English).

According to translations breaking on the wire, Ronaldo is quoted as saying “I am just so happy to be here. For me, I have made my childhood dream a reality, which was nothing less than playing for Real Madrid. I didn’t expect a jam-packed stadium – this is truly impressive.”

Ronaldo finished off by leading the thousands of fans in the stadium into a cry of “Hala Madrid!”


After the speeches it was time for Ronaldo to show off his ball juggling skills, but sadly CR9 had a little trouble playing keepy-uppy.

Ronaldo’s juggling fail can be seen here.


Ronaldo’s first press conference as a Real Madrid player can be seen here.