Toni Kroos gives first interview as a Real Madrid player to the club’s website

Toni Kroos has given his first interview since moving to Real Madrid from Bayern Munich in a €30 million deal.

Kroos spoke to the club’s official website about how happy he was to sign for the European champions immediately after winning the World Cup.

Below there is an extract from the interview.

You’ve managed to achieve your dream of playing for Real Madrid just after winning the World Cup for Germany in Brazil.
“First I won the title in Brazil and now it’s official that I’m a Madrid player, I’ve very happy”.

There were a lot of clubs in for you and you chose Real Madrid. What was the thinking behind your choice?
“Because in my opinion Real Madrid is the biggest team that there is. For this it was a straightforward decision to go to Real Madrid. It was my first and only option, and it’s great”.

You’ve been to the Ciudad Real Madrid and met Ancelotti and your new teammates. How did they greet you?
“It was very interesting to see the training facilities for the first time. I’m sure I will get to know the place a lot better. It’s fantastic; I was very impressed with what I saw – the complex is very big and it was also great to meet the coach, I had already spoken with him beforehand and now I can’t wait for August 5th to arrive so that I can start training with the squad and be ready to start playing”

What does it mean for you to have teammates such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, Casillas, Xabi Alonso, etc.?
“They’re all players of enormous quality. I come from a side that also has great players and for this it’s not something new for me to play with top quality players. But it’s obvious that Madrid have a magnificent team”.

You can read the full interview here.