Tom Rosenthal (son of Ronny!) scores solo wonder goal for Belgium U18s v Luxembourg

Stick with us for this one, as its good and you could well be hearing a lot more from Tom Rosenthal.

Israeli legend (he of that famous miss for Liverpool at Aston Villa and that hat-trick for Spurs at Southampton) Ronnie Rosenthal has an 18-year-old son.

Said offspring Tom Rosenthal plays his club football for Watford and at international level for Belgium.

We can only imagine that Tom has chosen to play for Belgium (who wouldn’t these days!) after Ronnie spent a time at Club Brugge and Standard Liege in the 1980s before heading to Liverpool, and married a woman of Belgian origin.

(Without getting all Adnan Januzaj on you, presumably Tom Rosenthal can still choose to play for Israel or England at international level in the future.)

Tom Rosenthal played for Belgium Under-18s in midweek and scored a goal that has been compared in the Belgian press to a Diego Maradona solo special.

Comparing it to El Diego might be a bit much but it is rather special…

It can be seen on the video below at 0:29.