Tom Hanks claims Aston Villa’s squad has “723 crap footballers” (video)

Ok, it was tongue-in-cheek, and only the most sensitive Villa fan on the planet would have been offended by the Hollywood actor’s joke at the Midlanders’ expense.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross show on Friday night in England, A-lister Tom Hanks finished his plug of his new movie Angels & Demons by talking football and announcing his allegiance to the Villains. However Hanks was quick to inform viewers that his support is only wafer-thin, having picked Villa because he thought they had a nice name.

Asked who is the team’s manager, Hanks spluttered “I have no idea… Sparky O’Rourke?” before going on to joke about that they play at “the Villa Dome” and that “the Aston Villa team is made up of 723 crap footballers.”

Tom Hanks’ discussion of Aston Villa can be seen a minute into this video.