‘Today we are big losers!’ Januzaj’s formative club Anderlecht lament selling to Manchester United so cheaply, will earn no future commissions

With the world’s spotlight on him, Sky Sports paid a visit to Adnan Januzaj’s formative club Anderlecht to learn more of his background and path that took him to Manchester United.

Almost tragicomically, Anderlecht’s Academy Director Jans Kindermans opens the interview with the lamentation, ‘Today we are big losers!’

He goes on to explain why: when Januzaj’s father informed him he wanted to take him to United aged 16 two years ago, Kindermans says they tried to thrash out the best deal for the club, but for whatever reason (he doesn’t go into the specifics), they were more or less had, and stand to earn nothing in terms of commissions or privileges on Januzaj’s future moves – where formative clubs would normally retain a certain level of these rights – as with Southampton and their forming of Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale, for example.

As Kindermans regrets, ‘it seemed like a good deal then; it isn’t any more’.

Watch Gary Cotterill’s reportage from Anderlecht’s academy on the clip below.

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