To cap a weekend of Argentine football violence: Mass brawl breaks out at the end of Godoy Cruz 2 – Boca Juniors 2

It was a particularly brutal weekend for the violent place that is Argentine football.

On Friday, former Arsenal player and current Quilmes boss Nelson Vivas violently attacked an innocent fan (who he wrongly thought was trolling him),

and to cap it off, the end of Sunday’s game between Godoy Cruz and Boca Juniors was marred by a mass brawl between both sets of players.

As the final whistle went, a royal rumble suddenly broke out from nowhere, with Gody’s Ledesma going for Riquelme, Curbelo and Chiqui Pérez going for each other; it was chaos and it rumbled on through the tunnel as the teams left the field.

Granted, no serious GBH took place, but it was a pitiful sight for a footballing country struggling so badly with violence.

Despite sending nobody off, Ole update that the ref included Orion, Caruzzo and Curbelo in his match report, who could be punished for their part in the brawl.

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