Epic! Tiziano Crudeli’s hilarious commentary during AC Milan 2 – Barcelona 0

To truly enjoy any big AC Milan victory you have to see how Tiziano Crudeli experienced the match.

Crudeli, best known by UK audiences for being that guy in the Ladbrokes ads, is one of Italy’s most famous Milan supporters and commentators  He’s also a complete nutjob.

Crudeli has one simple style. Go mental. Always. And not a little mental. The full asylum treatment is rolled out.

The Barcelona match provided Crudeli another chance to shine.

After being trolled by a giant Paddy Power owl dressed in a Milan jersey before kick off, Crudeli went about his commentary duties in explosive fashion.

Boateng’s opener brought a seemingly endless set of Boa! Boa! Boa! cries, while Mutari’s second put the old man over the edge, and onto his knees. Literally.

Sit back and enjoy the madness.