Tiresome Jimmy Jump invades Argentina-Uruguay; gets taken down

The overriding reaction to Jimmy Jump’s cameo in the second half of Argentina-Uruguay seems to be one of boredom with general sentiment being “oh no, not him again.”

What cannot be denied though is that Jump is pretty good at gate crashing major football matches and the Copa America quarter-final is up there with his most recent conquests of the World Cup final and Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

His moment of glory came 12 minutes into the second half as he invaded the pitch and placed a red hat over the head of a smiling Sergio Aguero.

The serial showstopper then legs it away, clearly mouthing “vamos” at Diego Forlan before a stunning flying head-first slide challenge from a steward brings him down.

Information on what happened to Jimmy Jump (real name Jaume Marquet i Cot) after the event is hard to come by in the Spanish-language press. You can be sure he will pop up at a major sporting event soon.

Footage of Jimmy Jump invading Argentina v Uruguay can be seen here.

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