Tim Sherwood could not explain why he threw off his gilet in frustration during Spurs 0 – Arsenal 1

During Tim Sherwood’s press conference after Tottenham’s 1-0 defeat at home to Arsenal on Sunday, a discussion brewed up about an incident in the first half.

Arsenal robbed the ball in midfield and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain bore down on the Spurs goal only to chip the ball over Hugo Lloris but wide of the goal.

The cameras then panned over to Sherwood who was in the middle of a fit, going mental with someone or something and he then three off his gilet in frustration.

During the post-match presser, Sherwood was very honest about the episode, saying he could not even remember what he was angry about.

Hard not to feel sympathy with the Spurs boss – but Sherwood is surely a goner at the end of the season.