Tijuana players indulge in a machine-gun/the worm goal celebration. Ref sends exhibitionist off, then reverses decision

An entertaining goal celebration in Mexico last weekend was so flamboyant it provoked the referee into brandishing a red card. Fortunately it didn’t take long for the referee to find his sense of humour, and the red card was quickly substituted for a more tolerant yellow.

The incident arose as Tijuana beat Toluca 1-0 in the Mexican top flight courtesy of a brilliant solo run and finish from Dubier Riascos. After bagging his excellent goal in the 50th minute, Riascos was joined by teammates Fidel Martinez (number 11) and Alfredo Moreno (number 9) for an extended goal celebration session.

The three amigos originally kicked off the post-goal antics with a boy-band-esque dance. That celebration however was quickly upped in the acting stakes, as Martinez ‘executed’ Riascos with a mock machine gun assassination.

Once laid out prostrate on the turf, Dubier Riascos completed the goal celebration with a moment of retro-dance genius as he produced the worm right under the referee’s nose.

As Riascos was performing the legendary 80s dance move the referee waved a red card in Fidel Martinez’s face. That lead to a kerfuffle where the referee reproduced the red card in Martinez’s face, but moments later the ref reneged on that decision and swapped the red for a yellow card.

Watch the Tijuana comedy goal celebration below.

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