Three Liverpool fans show themselves up on Sky Sports News

As is standard fanfare these days in the final hours of any transfer window, Sky Sports News appear to deploy hundreds of hacks all over the country to stand on the pavements outside a multitude of football grounds reporting very little as the 24-hour non-stop news cycle is filled.

Working in such live environments obviously brings a whole loads of problems. A repetitive issue that Sky Sports News faced over the last few days was for their talking-heads standing around Liverpool to complete their reports without being abused or carrying images of abuse made by fans in the background.

On three separate occasions Liverpool fans managed to disrupt such reports with crude language or behaviour.

Problems started on Sunday during a typical asinine update from Liverpool. As the Sky cameras were rolling, suddenly a batter red car whizzed past in the background before a loud yelp of “F**k!” was hear loudly on TV. Red-faced, Sky immediately had to apologise for the language.

Monday continued with a 10 am news report from Liverpool. As the reporter was yabbering away of the Reds’ capture of Luis Suarez, a very young looking Scouse boy immediately positioned himself at the back of the shot. With a stereotypical shave haircut, donned in a grey tracksuit and holding a plastic bag, it took the kid just seconds to disrupt the report by showing the middle-finger salute. The cocky kid (why wasn’t he in school?) then increased in confidence as he walked right up behind the reporter before making a second comic gesture.

The footage can be seen here.

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During Monday afternoon the cusses kept flying. As yet another Andy Carroll/Fernando Torres story was droning on, a gaggle of fans began to collect behind the reporter. With all the creepers viewed with phones glued to their ears, it was obvious that they were receiving instant reports from friends about how they were being seen on TV.

Playing up the crowd, one chap went a little too far as he began displaying yet another commonly recognised insult with the live cameras still rolling.

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