This is just weird! Cristiano Ronaldo acts as a family therapist on an Italian TV show

Oprah. Jerry Springer. Jeremy Kyle. And now Cristiano Ronaldo?!

The Real Madrid superstar made a bizarre appearance on Italian TV this week as Cristiano Ronaldo took up the role as a family therapist in order to reconcile a warring mother and daughter on ‘C’è posta per te’ (‘I have a letter for you’).

The Portuguese striker apparently flew to Rome after Real’s 2-1 defeat in Champions League at Borussia Dortmund in order to record the episode last Thursday. The TV show was then aired on Italian screens over the weekend. 

So what happened.

In a truly odd piece of television, Ronaldo entered the stage to warm applause from the audience before getting down to the nitty-gritty of patching up a feuding family.

Leaving aside the family problems which were apparently so severe that the mother and daughter in question felt that going on TV was the only way to resolve their differences, Ronaldo was able to help build bridges by giving the daughter a shiny new necklace and a signed football, whilst entertaining the crowd with a few keepy-uppies in the process.

Brief highlights from the show can be seen in a report aired on Spanish TV below. Moreover, the complete segment of Cristiano Ronaldo on ‘C’è posta per te’ can be seen below the fold.

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