This is how to take a short corner! Estoril’s Jefferson’s short corner golazo v Sporting

The corner a la Reimoise, or short corner, gets a bit of a bad rep.

The short version first used by Stade de Reims in the 1950s is generally synonymous with negative, or protective play.

Instead of playing the ball directly into the box, the short corner allows teams to keep possession, and avoid the risk of being hit on the break.

Estoril showed just how effective it can be when used more creatively, though, in their 3-1 victory over Sporting Lisbon in Friday’s Liga Sagres match.

At 1-0 down, Estoril won a corner on their right flank.

An Estoril player headed immediately for the corner flag, making out he would be the taker.

He instead loitered around with intent, waiting for his teammate Jefferson to arrive, who appeared from nowhere to take the corner.

Brazilian Jefferson quickly took it by playing a rapid one-two, and then hit an unstoppable left-footed curler into the top corner.

Golazo! Now that’s how you take a short corner!

(Jefferson was then the victim of the worst rule in football, getting booked for removing his shirt.)

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