#ThingsFasterThanDemichelis trends on Twitter during Man City 0 – Barcelona 2

Poor Martin Demichelis.

Before the game, football fans wondered how the Argentine would be able to keep up with Lionel Messi.

And so it proved.

Demichelis is beginning to be Manuel Pellegrini’s big mistake.

Responsible for signing him last summer, Demichelis has started the costly defeats to both Chelsea and Barcelona at the Etihad.

During the former, Demichelis played in midfield. Tonight he simply got undone by a glorious through ball from Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi.

Plus, perhaps some dodgy officiating with the red card offence outside the box.

Nevertheless, football fans on Twitter were not so kind and the hashtag #ThingsFasterThanDemichelis had some real zingers!