Thierry Henry with Rio Ferdinand: ‘Luis Suarez is best striker in the world; Messi is best player in the world’ [Video]

Rio Ferdinand has released Parts 2 & 3 of his interview with Thierry Henry for his #5 Magazine, and they were worth the wait.

Rio asks Henry two pretty direct questions, and gets two pretty direct answers.

Best striker in the world? – Luis Suarez; he’s got everything, he’s in your face, he scores headers, free-kicks, volleys…and he’s got that viscious side you need; if he has to score a malicious goal, or humiliate you, he will.

Henry cites the Uruguay – England game as proof: ‘He had two chances: two goals.’

In Part 3, Rio asks Henry for the best player in the world in his opinion: Lionel Messi.

‘I respect Ronaldo, but Leo is more natural, whereas Ronaldo had to work so hard to get to the top. With Leo, he’s got that little extra thing that no one else has.’

Is Henry’s referring to Messi as ‘Leo’ as sign of a slight bit of bias from the Arsenal legend? (They played together at Barcelona.)