There’s a dodgy Wembley step which took down a lino & Carlos Tevez after the FA Cup final

This piece of fan footage is gold.

There is a dodgy step at Wembley, and both a linesman and Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez fell prey to it’s evil ways after the FA Cup final last Saturday.

Following the match, the officials and the Man City squad walked up the famous Wembley steps to collect their participation medals for playing in the showpiece final. Whilst everything was smooth on the way up, the journey back down the stairs proving far more taxing.

After a linesman slipped on his arse on the slippery step, moments later Argentine international Carlos Tevez was also down on his bum having also lost his footing.

David Silva helped Tevez back on his feet whilst the surrounding fans burst out laughing.

Watch the tremendous eye-witness video of the dodgy step at Wembley below.