There’ll Always Be an England

Its a hard life caring about the England football team. Having been forced to watch Euro 2008 from the sidelines, and more painfully appreciating that the Three Lions’ absence from Austria-Switzerland was more than merited, a new wave of optimism was abound heading into last night’s friendly with the Czech Republic. After all, Sorry Steve is no longer around to screw up the tactics, and Fabio Capello is a winner – right?

We all know what happened next.

While a draw in a friendly is hardly a cause for supporters to start slitting their wrists, the down-trodden feeling amongst the country is so obviously palatable as the shortcomings of the national team were again on full, unmoderated view. If anyone had any doubts as to the qualities of the national team, England offered fresh evidence to prove that they remain far, far away from being world-beaters. And that hurts.

Attempting to sooth the pain however is YouTuber “lazerhart.” who tries to strengthen the resolve of the country by putting together a new video that combines footage from England’s glory days to the famous 1940s music of Vera Lynn’s “There’ll Always Be an England.”

It may not be the hair of the dog that cures a miserable hangover, but hopefully it may remind people that long ago England were actually a half-decent side.

The video can be seen here.