There are a fair few Gary Lewin Memes doing the rounds after injury during England 1 – Italy 2

The injury to England physio Gary Lewin has been seen as a comedy event for many online.

Perhaps that is the way now with social media but you have to feel sorry for Lewin, a stalwart for England and Arsenal, who dislocated his ankle on a water bottle, celebrating Daniel Sturridge’s equaliser versus Italy.

Lewin’s World Cup is over and he will be replaced in the England set-up.

See: England physio Gary Lewin suffers suspected dislocated ankle celebrating Daniel Sturridge equaliser v Italy.

Cartoon recreates England physio Gary Lewin’s dislocated ankle injury during England 1 – Italy 2.

Now the internet and social media is awash with a fair few Gary Lewin Memes.

Perhaps not as many as a flying Robin van Persie, but enough to round-up below…