The Violent Friendly: Wisla Krakow-Spartak Moscow

Thursday night witnessed one of the most violent friendly matches seen in quite some time, as Wisla Krakow and Spartak Moscow battled it out for 90 minutes, before the match descended into a full-blown brawl on the referee’s full-time whistle.

Without doubt, the fact that the match was being refereed by a midget added to to lack of respect between the sides. The pint-sized official was towered over by all the outfield players, and his lack of stature made it impossible to break up the numerous fights which broke out during proceedings.

The first major flash point arrived after half an hour of play. With Spartak breaking down the right hand side, Roberto Mauro Cantoro attempted to shut down the attack only to see the ball bypass him with a neat neat from the Moscow winger. In releasing the ball the winger hit the deck, with Cantoro somehow managing to position himself over his fallen opponent. He then drop himself on the back on the Spartak players’ neck.

Cue the first red card.

With the gloves off, Spartak evened out the numbers six minutes later after Roman Szyszkin received his marching orders for a horrific foul in the centre of the pitch. Szyszkin was attempting to carry the ball across the midfield when he took a heavy touch and, with a opponent bearing down on the scene, threw himself into a reckless two-footed challenge with his left leg smacking the shins of Wisla number 17.

From there things deteriorated. Last tackles and dirty tactics were a dime a dozen, as the bad blood continued to boil throughout the match. Two further confrontations between the sides broke out with the teams fortunate that the wimpish the referee kept his cards in his pocket.

As soon as time was called on the match, the teams immediately turned on one-another and a full scale punch-up broke out.

The violent friendly can be seen here.