The unluckiest red card of the week: Martin Retov vs Fabian Boll (St. Pauli – Rostock)

For decades now there has been a fierce rivalry between lower league German clubs St. Pauli and Rostock, and on Sunday afternoon the bad blood boiled up again as the two faced off in the German second division.

The trouble started in the 56th minute.

Rostock midfielder Martin Retov was the catalyst for the melee when the number six disgracefully hacked at home forward Deniz Naki from behind, kicking the number 23 to the turf with an outrageous assault. Seeing his teammate being scythed down, St. Pauli teammate Fabian Boll raced over to Retov immediately after his kick, looking to square up to the bully and give him a piece of his mind.

And then real trouble started.

As Boll put his hands on Retov’s chest to push him backwards, Retov ducked his head and delivered a full-on headbutt on Boll, sending yet another St. Pauli player crashing to the deck.

And how did the referee respond? By ridiculously sending Boll off as well as Retov.

The double red card can be seen here.