The top 10 worst kits EVER!

Its international week, with no sign of any footie until Thursday night and inspired by La Hoya Lorca’s broccoli kit (see number 10) that we revealed last week… here are the top 10 worst ever kits.

Feel free to leave your suggestions below…

1. The infamous Coventry away brown kit of the 70s

2. Colorado Caribous, 1978

3. Arsenal away “sick” strip, 1990/1991

4. Manchester United away, 1992

5. Stoke away 1992/1993

6. Hull City’s Tiger kit, 1993/1994

7. Bochum’s monstrosity, 1997/98

8. Mexico 1997/1998

9. Athletic Bilbao’s ketchup shirt, 2004/2005

10. La Hoya Lorca broccoli kit, 2013/2014

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