The top 10 greatest solo goals of all time

This morning, we asked whether Ecuador Under-16 player Fabian Tello had scored the greatest solo goal of all time.

See: Is this the greatest solo goal EVER?! Fabián Tello (Ecuador U16) v Paraguay.

Tello beat 8 opposition players including the goalkeeper but there have been plenty arguing that it wasn’t that special a goal at all.

After all, the Paraguay defending was poor and it was “only against kids,” ignoring the fact that Tello is but a “kid” himself.

Nevertheless, we love a list and so decided to compile the top 10 greatest solo goals of all time to see where Tello stands alongside the all-time greats.

For the sake of clarity, solo goals are those considered to be scored by one player all on his own, thanks to individual skill and brilliance.

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(We do not include free-kicks although we do love a set-piece as much as the next man.)

The list below is in order of brilliance – so feel free to disagree about that in the comments as well as the great solo goals we missed out!

1. Diego Maradona (Argentina) v England, 1986 World Cup.

2. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) v Arsenal, 1999 FA Cup semi-final.

3. George Weah (AC Milan) v Verona, 1996 Serie A.

4. Ronaldo (Barcelona) v Compostela, 1996 La Liga.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Ajax) v NAC Breda, 2005 Eredivisie.

6. Grafite (Wolfsburg) v Bayern Munich, 2009 Bundesliga.

7. Ricky Villa (Tottenham) v Manchester City, 1991 FA Cup final.

8. Thierry Henry (Arsenal) v Tottenham, 2002 Premier League

9. Paulo Wanchope (Derby) v Manchester United, 1997 Premier League

10. Daniel Simmes (Borussia Dortmund) v Bayer Leverkusen, 1984 Bundesliga

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