The Times: PSG want £40m Wayne Rooney to leave Man United to partner with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Klaxon: Major. Transfer. Gossip. Alert.

The Times of London, not a paper usually associated with inventing complete transfer fantasies, have splashed the backpage of their broadsheet on Wednesday with eye-popping news that PSG want Wayne Rooney.

According to James Ducker, the mega-wealthy Parisians are teeing up a summer bid for Manchester United’s Rooney, with a sum of £40m mooted as the starting point for any discussion between the clubs.

The Times note that Rooney will soon be entering the final two years of his current Old Trafford deal, and such a large bid for the England international will surely have to be considered seriously by the Red Devils.

So is Rooney set to partner Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Paris next season? Maybe.

PSG undoubtedly have the financial resources to lure Rooney away from Manchester, and United, a club who have never shied away from selling some of their biggest stars when the moment seems right to Sir Alex, could well be tempted to shift Wazza if a big deal is tabled.

Manchester United cynics will also believe that the Glazers will surely want to take the deal if they have an opportunity to trousers more cash.

Away from the nitty gritty of the transfer rumour, this story also offers another shot in the arm of France’s Ligue 1. All of a sudden the French top flight seems to be option for top flight footballers to consider, while the monopoly of the Premier League and La Liga appears to be on the wane as the German, Turkish and Italian competitions all get stronger.

Read the The Times’ story below.