The Sun exaggerate Özil’s words, have Arsenal star saying “We’ll end Man United’s season” [Picture]

The Sunday Sun ratchet up the tension ahead of Manchester United versus Arsenal, splashing Mesut Özil on the backpage of their paper saying “We’ll end Man United’s season”.

There is only one problem with the Sun’s splash. Özil never said those words.

The tabloid seemed intent on taking comments made by Wayne Rooney last week about Arsenal’s title-winning potential, and creating some sort of war of words between Rooney and Özil.

To recap, Rooney last week discussed the Gunners saying “We’ll wait and see where they are in March. We’ve seen before that they’ve been in the top two until February or March and then faded away, so it’s down to them to try and stay there. They’re doing brilliantly at the minute and it’s up to us to catch them.”

With that as the backdrop, Mark Irwin farted:

Mesut Özil says Arsenal are out to end Manchester United’s title dream today. The £42.5million German insists all the heat is on the hosts and has told Wayne Rooney the Gunners have nothing to prove.

[Özil said] “we are going to Old Trafford to have fun and that is why we are going to win. I don’t think we have to prove anything to Wayne or anyone else. We know the quality we have and we want to be successful playing our own way.”

“The plan is not to go to United and settle for a draw. If we are going to achieve the target of our coach, then we go to win.”