The Sun draw attention to 3-year-old Arsenal fan Kye, who calls Robin van Persie a ‘c***’ in a sick song

The Sun have today made a 3-year-old Arsenal fan infamous by plastering a link to YouTube video onto the homepage of their site with the eye-grabbing headline “Vile RVP vid… by boy, 3.”

By way of background, for several months now there has been a growing call in England to bring an end to nasty, distasteful and downright disgusting songs sung by fans at football grounds. This has shone a light onto any group of brain-dead fans who decided to belt out unsavoury chants, and amazing a toddler has now been caught in the crosshairs of this new wave of discontent against such incidents.

Yesterday we brought footage from last weekend at Old Trafford which captured Arsenal fans singing “You’re just a Dutch Jimmy Saville” to Robin van Persie ahead of the Gunners’ defeat to Manchester United. Now The Sun have brought attention to a young Arsenal fan.

As explain by Jack Losh:

In the 38-second clip the boy named Kye squirms uncomfortably in his chair as his dad films him abusing former Gunners’ favourite van Persie. The angelic-looking lad, who wears an Arsenal shirt, repeatedly sings the offensive line: “You’re a **** Robin, you’re a ****.” He also joins in with his unidentified father in a chant which refers to van Persie’s arrest in 2005 after a false allegation of rape was made against him. 

The sad video of the young, foul-mouthed Arsenal fan abusing Manchester United’s Robin van Persie can be seen below.

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