The sad & distressing Paul Gascoigne charity appearance video

Below is the video of England legend Paul Gascoigne that received widespread attention yesterday after it was released by the Sunday Sun newspaper.

Gascoigne appeared in a terrible state at a charity event in Northampton on Thursday and the clip is distressing, simply out of concern for a human being.

The fact this is one of the leading footballers of a generation, arguably the catalyst behind England’s best World Cup appearance since winning the trophy in 1966, just makes it hugely sad.

A raft of former footballers have come out urging the PFA to step in and help Gazza but the general consensus among people that know the 45-year-old is that he may be beyond saving now.

Gascoigne’s agent said: “Maybe no one can save him” and Gary Lineker Tweeted: “I can only hope he finds peace somehow, but fear those hopes may be forlorn.”

Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the PFA, has also pointed out that Gascoigne has received plenty of help. “If we are not careful, it is going to be akin to George Best. It is unfortunate, but we try to keep going. I can’t think of a player who has had more support and constant help over the number of years that we have been there for Paul.”

For comparison’s sake, Gascoigne is currently 45. George Best died aged 59.

Video of Paul Gascoigne’s sad and distressing charity appearance is below. Followed by a couple of his greatest playing moments which arguably just makes it all the more depressing.