The Redknapps love the Nintendo Wii

With the Christmas retail frenzy slowly building momentum, Nintendo are whipping up a buzz for the Wii game-console by employing the Redknapp family to help promote their product.

In the first advert, Jamie Redknapp sits down with a Nintendo representative to speak of his gaming addiction from Manic Miner through to Super Mario. The Daily Mail columnist is full of praise for the console, discussing how he plays with both his kids and his dad, revealing that Harry gets engrossed in the machine shouting out “I’ve got a green shell” while playing Mario Kart.

Jamie Redknapp’s interview can be seen here.

The second advert catches up with the Redknapp’s actually playing the Wii. Jamie appears to constantly get beaten by his wife Louise, while Harry turns up later in the footage as they battle it out playing Mario Kart.

See the Redknapp family playing the Wii here.

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