The real reason Barça ordered Neymar to have tonsils removed was in order to gain 5 kilos of muscle

The day after the Confederations Cup final, the news that Neymar (along with Jordi Alba) was due to have his tonsils removed seemed strangely irrelevant – even by football’s standards.

The reaction at 101GG was one of: ‘And?’ ‘What is he going to buy at the supermarket?’

It seemed to have zero relevance to football, and was reported by both the club and Barcelona-based media as a run-of-the mill op.

Even Ney himself played along, explaining: ‘I’ve always had a tonsils problem, and snore a lot.’

Cool story bro.

As it turns out Barcelona had a secret ulterior motive behind the club-ordered operation: to allow Neymar to gain 5 kilos of muscle over the next several months.

Neymar is no shortarse at 1m 75 cm, but weighs only 64 kilos soaking wet, compared to say Messi – 1m 69cm for 77 kilos, or Xavi – 1m 70 for 78 kilos.

He’s very reedy and struggles to gain weight, and Barça clearly feel alternative methods need to be explored in order to help Ney gain the weight needed for the Champions League.

But  having his tonsils removed seems a bit ‘new age’, and not the most conventional method, as the doctors on the second clip below explain (in Portuguese).

And it’s quite funny that Barça felt the need to cover it up.

What’s next? Don’t be surprised if in a few months Neymar hasn’t put on the muscle, he gets a mysterious bout of the old appendicitis…

What ever happened to the natural practice of #GettingOnTheWeights ?