Qatari ‘Dream Football League’ a hoax say French liars who began the rumour

Bravo! Bravo!

French website Les Cahiers du Football are collecting online bragging rights on Wednesday claiming that today’s big-splash on the backpage of The Times – Sheiks shake world game – was a big, fat porky.

Les Cahiers du Football were the first source to discuss a Qatari-funded ‘Dream Football League’ back on March 10th, in an article the website now has claimed was complete garbage.

Using their Twitter profile, Les Cahiers du Football today announced the story “came entirely from our imagination… We apologise in advance if Doha finds the idea sufficiently interesting to implement it #DreamFootballLeague.”

The whole episode makes The Times look foolish, and many are wondering who journalist Oliver Kay had as his supposed “sources.” Cynics are claiming The Times simply lifted the story without fact-checking.

It should be pointed out that while The Times launched the Dream Football League, plenty of others ran with it. The Daily Mail, Telegraph, ESPN, Sun, Daily Mirror, Huffington Post and Yahoo all championed the story also.

Yet all eyes focus on the newspaper who broke the story, and comparisons between the original Les Cahiers du Football fabrication and The Times’ article are stark.

Both articles refer a 2015 start date for the tournament, with a suggested two year cycle thereof. Both pieces also had identical formats of 16-fixed teams plus another eight invitee teams. Also the articles both claimed the fictional competition would be played across six Gulf cities.

A bunch of picture evidence around this story can be seen below.