The Premier League & UEFA suspend 101 Great Goals on Twitter & Facebook

In eight years of running 101 Great Goals we have built up a following on both Twitter and Facebook thanks to long hours and plenty of hard work.

As many of you will know, 101GG has been pursued aggressively by lawyers for the Premier League and UEFA on numerous occasions.

In the past week this has been extended to both our pages on Twitter and Facebook.

On Thursday evening the 101 Great Goals page on Twitter was suspended until Friday evening with a warning that our account is in danger of termination.

On Sunday the 101 Great Goals page on Facebook was suspended until this coming Wednesday, again, this page could well be closed down in the coming days.

The action taken against our Twitter and Facebook accounts has been made under the claim of copyright infringement.

We are not here to point out that whacking this particular mole is unlikely to rid the internet of Premier League and Champions League highlights.

Nor are we questioning why the Premier League and UEFA are hunting down 101 Great Goals when this practice is rife on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vine and a long list of other websites, with or without us.

The purpose of this post is to simply to inform our loyal users on Facebook and Twitter that this is why we have “appeared” to go quiet on these social networks.

It should be noted that we totally understand the position taken by Twitter and Facebook – the internet will not be the Wild West for ever.

It just seems a sad state of affairs that the Premier League and UEFA are forced to take such drastic measures to censor the internet when it seems clear that they are not providing the right service to their millions of fans across the globe.