The Premier League threaten The Offside

Those dastardly folk at the Premier League have gone after another blog – this time The Offside, for the heinous crime of using club crests from teams in the UK.

Leading the charge, with some threatening emails are our good pals NetResult, who as ever are going after the little guy in that bullying manner that they seem to have mastered. The full story can be read here.

As a result of the cease and desist email, The Offside have removed the club crests but will be asking permission from individual clubs for the right to use them. Kudos to The Offside for giving it a go.

Some have urged The Offside to fight the fight (see Ahmed Bilal’s argument here). Here at 101gg, we felt the best way to support the cause was to include in this post the Wigan Athletic club crest, chosen at random, just to stick two fingers up at the Premier League and NetResult.

When will they ever learn?