The Premier League attempts to pull 101 Great from the Apple app store

Download the awesome FREE 101 Great iPhone & iPad apps here.

Late last week 101 Great Goals received an email from Apple informing us the Premier League have attempted to take down our app from the iOS store.

The 101 Great app has been out for 7 weeks now and received plenty of plaudits as well as hundreds of thousands of downloads.

This is not the first time that the Premier League have been spreading inaccuracies about 101 Great Goals and we have no choice but to issue the following public statement.

The Premier League (through their lawyers NetResult) believe the 101 Great Goals apps for iPhone and iPad “infringe their copyright.”

Unfortunately, we were not privy to all the emails between Apple and the Premier League but we have been here before – see here, here, here and here.

101 Great is a website/app that catalogues all available football videos. 101 Great does not host or broadcast any such video on our servers. All we do is locate already existing videos and link to them through our site and apps.

101 Great always records where the videos come from, i.e, through which video hosting site, like YouTube or DailyMotion.

All videos that appear on to the app are traceable to their source and are labelled with their host site (e.g. YouTube, or DailyMotion). This creates transparency, whereby everybody can see which video site is hosting the content.

If a video is removed from YouTube, for example, it will then not appear on the 101 Great app. And the corollary is also true. Just as 101 Great has no control over which videos appear online, we also do not have the ability to take these videos down.

As a result, the app contains videos that can also be seen on both the YouTube and DailyMotion apps that are available in the iOS app store, as well as on hundreds of other football apps that exist.

Moreover, there is precedent in this legal landscape; a recent failed case against sports embedding-sharing site, and a federal appeals court decision which has rejected the notion that embedding is infringement, have both laid the legal foundations.

We are proud of the 101 Great app and have been delighted with the response from our users.

Crucially, it should be pointed out that there are of course video clips from all leagues on the app and it is not centric to the Premier League.

Download the awesome FREE 101 Great iPhone & iPad apps here.

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