The PR War: France and Ukraine trade chicken-based insults ahead of their World Cup playoff tie [Pictures]

The Gallic rooster (le coq gaulois) is the well-known unofficial national symbol of France, and the animal has found itself front and centre of a new PR war between Les Bleus and the Ukraine.

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As the nations prepare to meet in a pivotal World Cup playoff on Friday night, two new adverts have come out in which France and Ukraine one-up each other using the chicken as a prop.

According to the supposed chronology, the French were to first to fire with an image of their rooster sitting in a Ukrainian hat with the phrase “nous serons en ukraine comme à la maison” (“We will be at home in the Ukraine”).

The eastern Europeans, however, haven’t taken that PR shot lying down, hitting back with their own advert stating “We eat chicken like that for breakfast.”

The France v Ukraine chicken-based insults can be enjoyed below.