The pitch invader during Belgium v USA conned his way into the game in a disabled seat [Video]

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Early in the first half of Belgium’s last 16 clash with the USA, a fan ran onto the pitch to the general annoyance of everyone watching the game on television.

It took an age for stewards to react to the culprit, let alone catch him, while US boss Jurgen Klinsmann was filmed disapprovingly shaking his head on the sidelines.

When the man was eventually seized, pictures emerged which showed he wasn’t simply a doofus dying to get his face on the telly but was instead a political activist with a message to send to the Brazilian government.

He had written on a Superman t-shirt the words ‘Save favelas’ and ‘children’.

It’s now come to light, however, that the man also snuck into the game under the guise of being disabled.

New footage from Salvador shows how the man ran onto the pitch after getting up from a wheelchair in the disabled fans section.

This helps explain why it took so long for security to get a grip on the situation, and why it was so easy for the fan to enter the pitch.

It also raises serious questions about the policing of disabled tickets at the World Cup, which is an issue that has been in question after several fans were snapped standing next to their wheelchairs during games this summer.

See the footage showing the political activist duped his way into the game as a disabled fan below.