The Patrick Vieira interview that has seen BBC reporter Dan Roan banned from Manchester City

Despite the fact most football pundits are in agreement that “mind games” have little impact on a title race, it is incredible how Manchester City appear to be playing this particular “game” in the most amateur way possible.

Even before Patrick Vieira said “When United play at home they get some advantage that other teams don’t get,” he was fully aware that he was being set up.

On the video below, the Manchester City executive told the BBC’s Dan Roan, “I have to be careful what I say, because if I say something you will make more noise than if it was a Fulham player or a Fulham coach saying it, I don’t want to get into that type of comment.”

Then, incredibly, Vieira told Roan that Manchester United are favoured by referees at home, “it’s something teams who are used to winning get all the time.”

The former Arsenal enforcer has taken the BBC’s report (titled “Big clubs receive ref advantage”) particularly badly with City issuing a statement on Wednesday evening and banning Dan Roan from all media activity with the second placed Premier League side.

Why didn’t Vieira just ignore the question and leave Manchester United out of the discussion completely?

Dan Roan’s interview with Patrick Vieira can be seen here.