Dasha Zhukova, partner of Chelsea owner Abramovich, in a racism storm over art picture [Sun]

All of a sudden the spotlight has fallen on 32-year-old model Dasha Zhukova, the partner of Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, for alleged racism.

The Sun have splashed the front page of their Wednesday paper with the provocative headline “Chairhead – Race row as Rom’s love sits on ‘Black Girl’ seat”.

The picture first came to light on Monday on a Russian fashion blog called Buro 24/7, which was running a feature on Zhukova and her new magazine fashion Garage.

Buro 24/7 initially published the photograph on their website and Instagram page, however they quickly backtracked and removed the image from their online properties after it sparked an immediate backlash.

The the picture was published on America’s Martin Luther King Day didn’t help.

Whilst no racism claims are being levelled at the Chelsea owner, one can expect that Roman will be less than happy on Wednesday seeing his name connected to the misguided actions of his partner.

Dasha Zhukova is no stranger to Chelsea football fans, often sitting along the Blues owner at Stamford Bridge.