The misses: Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal) vs Blackburn

Seven days ago, with the Roma and Blackburn matches still to play, many were writing about how the next two games could be make-or-break for Arsene Wenger. As is often the case, such statements now appear folly as the Wenger Boys rose to the challenge with flying colours, but one player still manages to regularly disappoint, Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner.

There is much to dislike about Bendtner. From his stupid pink boots to his porcupine haircut, splashed with a heavy dose of misplaced arrogance to boot, Bendtner seems to encapsulate many of the negative stereotypes linked to the modern footballer. So when Bendtner contrived to miss five golden opportunities to score against Rovers, hopelessly fluffing them all, anger levels towards the number 26 ratcheted up another notch.

Bendtner was jeered by the home fans as he was substituted ten minutes from time forcing Wenger to come to the defence of his striker after the match. “People forget he is only 20. I thought that against Blackburn his first touch was better. He played well but he didn’t finish well.”

Rubbing salt in the wounds, his replacement on Saturday, the much-maligned Emmanuel Eboue, managed to claim a brace in his cameo appearance.

Nicklas Bendtner’s catalogue of misses against Blackburn can be seen here.