‘The “Mineirazo” (Mineiraço): Brazil 1 – Germany 7 already has its own Wikipedia, in 15 languages!

Last night’s incredible, sensational, historic, words-fail World Cup quarter final will go down in the annals as the greatest sporting tragedy of all time.

Correction: Has gone.

That’s right, it’s already been immortalized for posterity, honoured with its very own Wikipedia page.

Entitled ‘The Mineriazo’ [sic]  – it should really be ‘Mineiraço’ in Portuguese, as ‘The Maracanazo’ was so named in Spanish because of Uruguay’s participation – but I digress.

The entry is a complete, formal piece of work, with giving full details in the right hand rectangle – Man Of The Match (Kroos), referee, even the conditions (clear night).

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The page is then broken down into ‘background’, discussing Neymar’s injury and Thiago Silva’s suspension; Summary; Details; and…’Aftermath’, detailing the ‘societal reactions’, no less.

The ‘Mineirazo’ entry has already been translated into 15 languages, Vietnamese and Latvian.

One of the most incredible stats provided in the Wikiepdia entry? Brazil ‘won’ the possession, 52% to 48%. Every cloud…

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