The Man Utd kit-man shows up Cristiano Ronaldo in Nike’s latest ad

Nike’s latest ad is a masterwork which will no-doubt go viral with a matter of days. The sporting manufacturer turn that tables on their most bankable asset, Cristiano Ronaldo, having the middle-aged Manchester United kit-man, Albert Morgan, show up the Portuguese World Footballer of the Year.

The clip begins with Morgan found tending to his daily routine in the Old Trafford dressing room, when the kit-man decides to don Ronaldo’s figure-hugging Nike Pro top and then take to the Old Trafford turf. Transformed, Morgan began showboating in the Theatre of Dreams, including replicating the famous Ronaldinho “trick” of continuously smacking the ball against the crossbar.

Eventually Morgan’s fun was ended when the bemused Ronaldo demanded his kit back.

The brilliant Nike ad can be seen here.