The Jokes: Michael Ballack (Chelsea) vs Tom Henning Ovrebo (video)

While Didier Drogba is undoubtedly in hot water, Michael Ballack will also find himself censured and punished by UEFA for the German’s aggressive behaviour towards Tom Henning Ovrebo, after the referee denied the Blues a late penalty for a handball against Samuel Eto’o.

In the heat of the moment Ballack lost his cool. The call was highly dubious at the best of times but, having felt wronged by a slew of earlier calls, the German could not keep his emotions in check.

Getting right in the grill of Ovrebo, armed with a verbal tirade and agressive body language, Ballack ended up comically chasing the Norwegian official around the pitch in a completely undignified manner.

Already the pranksters have gone to work at making fun of Michael Ballack, and two videos have been quickly put together to make light of the situation.

“Michael Hill” can be seen here, while the cartoon take-off of the incident can be seen here.