The Joey Barton v Dietmar Hamman Twitter War – the best Tweets

If you follow Joey Barton and Dietmar Hamman on Twitter then you were in for a treat on Monday night as the two former Manchester City midfielders engaged in an unseemly spat on the social network.

It all kicked off with Barton revealing that Loic Remy was joining QPR and not Newcastle with the Marseille midfielder taking a pop at the Toon owners for failing to bag the French striker.

Hamman pointed out that it wasn’t correct that Barton criticize publicly a former club and from there it went downhill.

What came across as “banter” early on, swiftly turned into an ugly spat with Barton in particular alleging that Hamman had destroyed his family and is a regular drug user.

Over 50 messages were sent between Barton and Hamman who played together in the Manchester City midfield in 2006/2007.

Other footballers also became involved with the likes of Nobby Solano and Warren Barton, who played with the pair at Newcastle, joining in on Twitter.

As for who won, well it was so childish and at times obscene that you can only say both men lost as keen users of Twitter gasped in amazement at two former team mates going at it in such a public manner.

The best Tweets from the spat are below. Followed by a damning indictment from the Daily Telegraph and finally a comparison between the medals won during their respective playing careers.