The Guardiola brothers have lunch in London, rumours fly that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is off to Bayern Munich

The Daily Mail love cooking up stories that don’t exist outside their own twisting of the facts.

Last week the Mail were at the forefront of reports that Nicklas Bendtner was dead-set on moving to Barcelona or Real Madrid. The only problem with the story was that Bendtner’s words had been, mostly likely purposefully, twisted.

Now another story is doing the rounds, again spearheaded by the Mail, reporting that Luis Suarez may be set to jack in Liverpool to move to Bayern Munich.

The backbone for Suarez story comes from the citing of Pep Guardiola with his brother Pere in “trendy London eatery” (quote from DM) last week. The pseudo-tabloid then farted:

Guardiola enjoyed lunch in Borough Market’s lively restaurant Eliott’s Cafe – and was joined by Liverpool forward Suarez’s representative. Of course, the Anfield hero’s agent is non other that Guardiola’s brother Pere.

Friday’s Guardiola family rendezvous certainly got chins wagging among the more knowledgable diners at the restaurant. Was it simply a leisurely Friday afternoon family get together? If so, why were the Spaniards meeting in London? Suarez to Bayern Munich? Surely not? 

Obviously the story is total BS, however it’s sadly no real surprise to see a lunch date between brothers turn into a completely baseless transfer rumour.

If you care to, read the Daily Mail article here.