The Greatest Emile Heskey Video Ever: When the Newcastle Jets striker appeared on the Rod Hull and Emu show

It’s amazing how some footballers gain cult status.

Emile Heskey, the ex-Leicester and England international striker who is famed for being completely inept at scoring goals, has gathered a massive hoard of fans in recent times who mainly stick up for the big man because of his big heart and comic uselessness.

Moreover, 34-year-old Heskey has been launched back into the public eye in recent weeks having signed a deal to join the Newcastle Jets in the Australian A-League.

Whilst Heskey managed to score just 9 goals in 92 games for his last employers Aston Villa – which followed equally un-amazing scoring spells at Wigan (15 in 82 games), Birmingham (14 in 68 games) and Liverpool (39 in 150) – his arrival Down Under has been bigged up (most likely for a speculator fall) amid reports the Heskey shirts have already sold out, while Emile is constantly pictured and placed alongside Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero in promos for the start of new season this weekend.

With the senior-pro grabbing so much attention of late, arguably the greatest ever Emile Heskey video… ever!…. has now appeared on YouTube.

Huge credit needs to showered on YouTuber VideotapeFTW. Not only did they source this video which is taken from a classic BBC children’s programme, but they also added hilarious comments on the video, as well as offering the following description:

It *is* him, isn’t it? I mean, it looks like him, he runs like him, his name’s Emile, he’s from Leicester, he’s about the right age… (Broadcast 12th April 1989, probably filmed in the autumn of 1988, when he was 11.) The only thing that makes me doubt it is that at no point does he pick up any sort of injury.

Sadly, Emile doesn’t get attacked by Emu (in fact, due to the rain, said bird doesn’t even make an appearance), but at least the future England international footballer and World Cup goalscorer who would be sold to Liverpool for £11m around a decade later got called “Emily” on national television by Pink Windmill Kid Kelly.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!