The goal nobody noticed! Marco Paixao (Ethnikos) v AEL (UPDATE: It didn’t go in!)

UPDATE: Since putting this post up new video has emerged showing the ball did in fact not go in. Apologies. See second video below.

There were some crazy goings on in Cyprus on Saturday and we are indebted to journalist Nassos Stylianou for getting in touch about this.

Ethnikos were 1-0 down just after half time when their Portuguese striker Marco Paixao took a shot from just inside the box.

Paixao fired into the bottom corner past AEL keeper Matias Degra, but no one noticed!

The striker turned round with his head in his hands, the referee signalled a goal kick and the goalie took a spot kick.

Even the commentators failed to see that the ball had gone through the net. Incredible!

Ethnikos would go on to equalise, with Paixao scoring the goal on 62 to secure a 1-1 draw.

Proof, if it were needed that referee’s should always check the goal nets… The clip in question is at 1.55 on the video below, it will start on time but you need to be alert to see it!

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