The Glenn Hoddle Academy

Former England manager Glenn Hoddle has established an academy for professional footballers rejected by their clubs with the intention that with a little extra coaching and tutelage these players can still make a career for themselves in the game.

The training camp is based in southern Spain and according to the official website “The GHA (Glenn Hoddle Academy) is Glenn’s own vision. He has been developing the business concept for a number of years. It will be the first independent, professional football academy, offering an alternative to the professional club system.”

The coaching team at the GHA includes John Gorman, Nigel Spackman, Graham Rix and Dave Beasent.

The first 20 players to take part were selected at the end of May and the initiative has received a fair amount of media coverage. Here are a collection of videos by Jamie Weir of Setanta about the GHA: The Concept, The Resort, The Usual Day, The First Match and The Future.

Whilst Glenn Hoddle should be commended for this idea, especially with the dearth of young players coming through in England, more than anything it also proves Hoddle’s own ability to bounce back. After all, Hoddle’s time as England manager doesn’t look so bad now.

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