The “Full Circle”: Alan Hansen criticises Boro’s David Wheater (video)

During Saturday’s Match of the Day programme, head honcho Alan Hansen used his wealth of defensive experience to tear strips off of Middlesbrough centre-half David Wheater for having been given the run-around by the Manchester United forwards last weekend in the Premier League.

Hansen barked “if you every see anybody doing a full circle towards his own goal, who know he is in trouble.” The lead pundit then slowed down the footage from United’s 2-nil victory to highlight Wheater slew of defensive errors, which went a long way to handing Sir Alex’s team both goals at the Riverside.

For Giggs’ opener, the Scot criticised the England U21 international for “ambling” across to try and close down the Welshman and, simply stating, “it’s not good enough.” On the second goal scored by Park Ji-Sung, again Wheater ‘s slow reaction time was mocked by the former centre-half, before Hansen twice asked “what is he doing” as the defender’s reputation was slowly taken apart.

See Alan Hansen’s character assissination of David Wheater here.