The ‘flat’ Michael Carrick interview that riled Roy Keane after Olympiakos 2 – Man United 0 [Video]

Michael Carrick is never the most hurried or urgent individual at the best of times.

The Geordie is a casual, laid back character who doesn’t seem to live and die by football as many do.

Like Roy Keane for example.

So when Carrick gave a pretty half-arsed, not-too-bothered, going through the motions interview with Gabriel Clarke after United’s defeat at Olympiakos, Keane was no happy bunny.

Carrick spewed out all the classic cliches about ‘not getting the right results’, ‘we look forward to the 2nd leg’, ‘etcetera, etcetera’, much to the anger of Keane, who wanted to see a bit of passion in a defeated player, not this limp, bored interview.

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