The final minutes of Setanta Sports News

After Setanta went into administration yesterday, it was left to the employees of the beleagured channel to close down operations in Great Britain.

Setanta Sports News, a channel that ultimately couldn’t compete with Sky Sports News, closed down in Great Britain (but not elsewhere) at 17.55 yesterday and went out in a blaze of glory with a montage of the best sports moments that Setanta had covered.

The final nine minutes of Setanta Sports News can be seen here.

Analysis from Sky News on Setanta going into administration can be seen here.


Along with their TV coverage, Setanta’s online presence is no more, which means the end of the live transfer blog page which was close to establishing itself as the most important page on the world wide web for up to date transfer news during the summer months.

The live transfer blog signed off with this message: “16.45: It is full time for the live transfer blog and we can only say what a pleasure it has been running the site and the service, and what a real shame it is that we cannot see it through at least to the conclusion of the window, as all those juicy transfers take place. Thank you everybody for your support. Au revoir.”